THE MIND OF THE ORGANIZATION by Ben & Gordon Pehrson Heirs


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The premise of this little book is that business organizations in particular can, and should, cerebrate just like some clever single-headed people. It's a hortatory call not to work harder, but to ""work smarter"", in the words of that well-known thinker, I.B.M. The authors believe this can be accomplished if the organization (or someone in it) will simply recognize the four steps necessary for thinking through to a firm decision. First formulate the question, next consider the alternatives, then predict the consequences, and finally make the ""judgment/decision."" Author Pehrson developed his notions working on the Polaris missile program, and the book is expanded by a redundant case history of that considerable project. Author Heirs, based in Geneva, has had a history of accomplishment with Investors Overseas Services (with which, it may be remembered, Bernie Cornfeld and Robert Vesco also achieved some successes). No case history of I.O.S. thinking is offered, unfortunately. As an expanded article dealing with management, this book could be food for thought for some organization types. But fundamentally are we ready to concede that Ma Bell. or General Motors cogitates, and maybe even better than real human beings?

Pub Date: Jan. 19th, 1976
Publisher: Harper & Row