THE HIDING GAME by Ben Shecter


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Pierre rhinoceros, who is ""it,"" doesn't know where his friend Henri hippopotamus is hiding. Henri, tired and itchy from hiding in a pile of coconut husks, can't find Pierre. And literal minded readers might be just puzzled as to where it's all taking place. The game begins in a conventional Africa complete with jungle, Henri's round hut, and friends Crocodile and Hyena, but it ends, down the road from Pig's charcuterie, in Pierre's shuttered cottage--where, to get back to the point, the two friends meet up at the end of the day and agree next morning to go swimming instead of starting another hiding game. It could happen anywhere to any Pete and Henry, and in fact Shecter's splashy, exotic setting might be taken as a jolly variation on an otherwise commonplace exercise.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1977
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press