MOSCOW CIRCLES by Benedict Erofeev


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Another case of Buyer Beware. (Cf. Winston Graham, The Forgotten Story, p. 966.) Moscow to the End of the Line, by Venedikt Erofeev, translated by H. W. Tjalsma, was published by Taplinger in 1980, reviewed (largely favorably) by Kirkus (1980, p. 793), and bas even appeared in paperback. The forthcoming Moscow Circles, though billed as a first US appearance, is the same book--in a different translation, one that is in some ways inferior to Tjalsma's: less conversational, more British than American. (Dorrell does provide a few pages of useful commentary.) Similarly, Writers & Readers are also publishing John Berger's 1958 novel A Painter of Our Time in November, announcing it as ""never before released in the U.S."" In fact, however, A Painter of Our Time was published by Simon & Schuster in 1959--and widely reviewed at that time. In both cases, then, libraries will want to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Pub Date: Nov. 29th, 1982
Publisher: Writers & Readers--dist. by Norton