OWNERISM: A Better World For All Through Democratic Ownership by Benjamin A. Javits

OWNERISM: A Better World For All Through Democratic Ownership

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A well-meaning but almost incoherent little tract which, after a disjointed survey of the history of American business, shapes up into an argument that since ""almost all problems are economic,"" and since businessmen are responsible and brainy, American management should form a quasi-government called ""the Federal State of Business,"" and solve the ""major problems of our civilization""--war, peace, and the general welfare. What would happen to representative democracy under this scheme is unclear, but it doesn't matter much to the author, who feels that the feckless, popularity-seeking politicians have nothing much to contribute to their customers, compared to what is offered by the efficient corporations. Mr. Javits, an antitrust lawyer, is clearly sincere in his distress at the continued existence of poverty and ignorance in our country. But his cure-all--""Ownerism""--has an unfortunate resemblance to another failed ""ism"" of our century; and even the most enthusiastic business boosters are unlikely to answer this call for the Corporate State.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1969
Publisher: Crown