THE PEOPLE TALK by Benjamin Appel
Kirkus Star


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This ought to be read. It is sure to be talked about. But it wont provide summer relaxation for those who sense the undercurrents of unrest, disaffection, unbalance in the ""common people"" of our land. Here is a land at peace -- a land of plenty --and we have the relics of barbarism and lost civilization around the corner. But through it all, there is a sense of independent thinking, freedom of expression, individuality, honesty that keeps the boat from rocking. There is an immensely popular radio program called We the People which shows that the listening world is alert to the thoughts and reactions of those not in the saddle; here is a book that catches that same sound of what ""the people"" think and say, stream-lined and liberalized. Appel, known hitherto as a writer of fiction of the ""hard-boiled"" school, has covered the country, and listened, sympathetically, to ""all sorts and conditions of men."" This is the record.

Pub Date: June 3rd, 1940
Publisher: Dutton