OH SIR, YOU'VE SHOT HER! by Benjamin Jacobsen


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Practically unbelievable reminiscences of a Danish biochemist will regale that audience over-soft to life with an uncommon Father.... For the author's male parent held firm to his crotchets -- whether it was announcing visitors by firing off a pistol, besting Grandmother by matching his clacking artificial teeth to hers, avoiding sea-sickness with an uncontrollable invention --and was often equalled by his offspring. The dubious activities of the seven boys and girls included a foray into the white slave traffic, peculiar results in cooking for Christmas, walking in their sleep, coping with a lion in the house -- and eventually killing Grandmother. All very straight-faced and matter of fact, the episodes gather hilarity by their very lack of effort towards humor. The illustrations by Des Asmussen are in key with the text; Victor Borge introduces the goings-on -- and the whole is a happy, family import.

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1959
Publisher: Putnam