CASE HISTORY by Benjamin Siegel


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A couple of very readable fifty minute hours about an empirical-intuitive (i.e. he plays it by the third ear) psychiatrist Max Norway. . . . ""Sometimes I'm almost sure I've helped somebody."" During this review of his past and present cases, and the infirmity of his own marriage to Amanda, he's not at all sure that he has. . . Amanda whom he has kept excluded from his work and also denied a child leaves him without making any decisions as to their future. . . a gentle Mrs. Valery terminates her therapy but is still likely to commit infanticide. . . Mavis, an early hospital charge, leaves via a high window. . . David Washburn confuses himself with God. . . and finally, the straw that, one of his neighbor's children is killed by one of his latently pedophilic patients. . . . Mr. Siegel wrote The Principal, Doctors and Wives, and while this won't submit to any real analysis, you should find the appropriate responses among a popular readership.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1971
Publisher: McKay