ON THE BRINK by Benjamin with Herbert Stein Stein


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Welcome to 1981, where things are pretty much as you remember them (the authors haven't even imagined a replacement for Johnny Carson or a big movie since Taxi Driver) except: the Arabs raise the price of oil to $38 a barrel, and off we soar to 35% inflation. ""The President"" is in a muddle. Should he adopt the austerity gameplan proffered by his egghead advisors and risk the people's wrath? (A law-order-and-Christ candidate is waiting in the wings.) Or should he listen to Reserve Board Chairman George McConger and go Weimar--encourage inflation, print money, redistribute the wealth! McConger triumphs, Dow-Jones dives 157 points, the Queen sells the crown jewels, gold soars to 180 million an ounce (the Chinese are buying it all up), and life is--surprise--no fun around America. These veteran White House/Wall Street pundits may know bucks, but not books. Riddled with hoo-hah numbers (175 million for a sportsjacket--hoo-hah!) and dulled with extraneous sex, cinema biz, and suicide, Brink is just a one-centence idea parading as an inflatable piggy bank. Claire, Director of the Cost of Living Council, says: ""Let's run off to a place where they never heard of inflation."" Yes, let's.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1977
Publisher: Simon & Schuster