A FRIENDLY ABC: French-English Alphabet by Bente Hamann

A FRIENDLY ABC: French-English Alphabet

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A felicitous refashioning of an 1883 French primer divested of its instructional value, yet imbued with the quaint nostalgia of Froelich's original nineteenth-century cherubs that's almost too prÉcieuse for 1969. On each page is a tiny storylet of Antoine or Brigitte or Charlotte. . . or ZÉlie and a list of letter-cued glossary words (montagne, mais, marronier, maison)--but there's no continuity between text vocabulary and the lists nor any effort to incorporate the one into the other. Baffling to the beginner, it may benefit the already-enFranchised post-alphabet child who'll appreciate a bilingual approach to belles-lettres.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1969
Publisher: Warne