THIS IS GOGGLE by Bentz Plagemann


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The high -- and low -- water marks of sitting it out while a boy goes from 10 to 18 achieves sympathy in this father's story. Goggle was five when his father went into the Navy; he was ten and master of the house, accepting advanced ideas of living naked, four letter words and city trained terrorization -- when his father came home; there was what you might call an awkward period for this three in family. A move out of New York City was a boost but there were still unexplored areas (what to do when your boy beebee guns priceless windows?); time in Mexico topsyturvied statewide standards and made prep school in New England a toughie for parents and boy. These four school years brought their particular hurdles -- girls (well, they had always been there but each one was different), manners, grooming, MARKS, summer vacations (""This one will be different"") -- and the vindication of the belief that Their Boy would Come Through... to the tune of acceptance by his first choice of college, appointment by the Navy and, Goggle's final decision, an International Schoolboy Scholarship. Heartening parental stuff with an awfully familiar feel, this has had magazine appearance, will have Reader's Digest Condensed Books tapping, and is promised play production. The mirror up to nature should have many viewers.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill