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The mission of the title is doubly concerned with a survey which Lt. Commdr. Lyndon B. Johnson made in the Southwest Pacific on orders from Roosevelt, and with a bombing run in which he flew against the Japanese airbase at Lae. Johnson reveals qualities of insight and heroism that may surprise some readers. Equally revealing is the picture given of MacArthur in Melbourne, where he carried on like a grandiose grump. In early 1942, Johnson, the first Congressman to go on active duty, was instructed to secure information on the South Pacific situation after Roosevelt was swamped with conflicting reports. Johnson's grass roots investigation pointed up a log jam of military deadwood in the upper echelons. Secondarily, the book offers a detailed report of a mission flown by the 22nd Bomb Group which was hit by a bornet's nest of Zeroes. The bomber in which Johnson was supposed to fly was one of the casualties. Johnson's coolness during the air battle commanded the awe of the crew as it does, once again, here.

Pub Date: June 9th, 1964
Publisher: ippincott