THE GOLD OF MALABAR by Berkely Mather


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Mike O'Reilly was a merchant seaman doing a little smuggling on the side when he killed the cop. Clapped into Cabo Sita on a ten year rap, he mixes it up with a sadistic guard and subsequently befriends an intemperate Swede named Rokkjer who passes on a mysterious message to be delivered to a Buddhist monk named Nu Pah in Bombay. O'Reilly escapes... catches a slow boat to India, meets the monk and discovers that he holds the key to a Dutch fortune in gold buried somewhere on the Malabar coast. From then on it's Bombay's away as the two try to locate the spot while avoiding police, passers-by (there's a fifty thousand rupee price on O'Reilly's head) and an India Mafia setup headed by one Nur Ahmed.... Mather is Captain Kidd-ing of course but yo-ho-ho, it's good exotic adventure.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1967
Publisher: Scribners