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SABRE DE PLEIADES by Bernadette Y. Quander


Ledger of Lemuel Book One

by Bernadette Y. Quander illustrated by Yangtian Li

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 2012
ISBN: 9780985849313
Publisher: Tall Tales 509

A mother’s bedtime story turns into a fantastical, futuristic novel that is sure to entertain young readers.

In the year 20509, two brothers make a pact: One, Sabre, will travel to Earth to learn more about their mother’s history and just what makes the ancient human race tick; the other, Panache, who is spirit in form, will obtain a human body in which his spirit can reside. What happens next is a twisty plot that no one in the world of Moreipa could have predicted. The younger brother, Sabre, travels to Earth—via his mother’s mind—and accidentally inhabits the body of a house cat upon arriving in a 1993 North American town. When the brothers’ oblivious friend, Kenturah Red-Feather, makes a colossal error, what occurs next is an intergalactic adventure of a lifetime. While Quander’s text abounds with space-age detail and a lively cast of characters, the lessons here—take care of your pet, be respectful to your teachers—can be a bit heavy-handed. The many open discussions of faith seem a bit out of place, as well. For a younger set of readers, however, this book can be an ideal last adventure before bed. Although parents be warned—the epidemic that Kenturah Red-Feather sets into motion when he accidentally sends a dangerous virus through space may be a bit too graphic for younger readers (think running sores and violent animal attacks prompted by the strange virus.) While the novel has a well-developed lead, the end seems a bit truncated. The return home of Sabre, Panache and a few other inhabitants of Moreipa happen within just a few pages, with little thought given to the relationships they left behind on Earth or the great adventure they’ve just had. Perhaps it’s because Quander is planning a series with the well-meaning set of intergalactic brothers. That, we can certainly hope for.

A wholesome, thrilling account of two brothers and their intergalactic adventures.