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PICTURED GEOGRAPHIES: Iceland--Greenland--Bolivia--Guatemala--Honduras by Bernadine Bailey

PICTURED GEOGRAPHIES: Iceland--Greenland--Bolivia--Guatemala--Honduras


Publisher: Albert Whitman

There are now sixteen titles in this excellent series, three of which were reviewed this year, pages 96, 181 and 219. These are all illustrated by Kurt Wiese and though the facts are bare and unadorned they still make fine books to give to youngsters. The first book listed here shows the importance of the Gulf Stream for Iceland, which is about the size of Kentucky. There are about six sheep to one person, no trees or minerals or railroads, but there are long nights perfect for story-telling. Greenland is the largest island in the world but has only 18,000 people mostly Eskimos, who have learned to use all of the walrus they catch. It is of importance for its cryolite, for aluminum, graphite and copper. Bolivia is twice the size of Texas, is coastless and is fanous for its coca for cocaine, llamas, cinchona tree for quinine, tin, Lake Titicaca and its two capitals. Guatemala the most important of the countries of Central America though smaller than Virginia, has a population of two and one half million of which one million are pure blooded Indian Mayas. Honduras has mahogany, gold, silver, bananas.