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BELLS, BELLS, BELLS by Bernadine Bailey



Pub Date: July 31st, 1978
Publisher: Dodd, Mead

Bells, bells, bells indeed: Barley has assembled an encyclopedic store of information on the present and past use of bells, their religious significance and practical functions, ""The Casting, Tuning, and Hanging of Bells"" (plus famous foundries), bellringing and carillons, ""The World's Most Famous Bells"" (and collections of bells), English bells (""The Ringing Island"") and the Liberty Bell. But it remains information, imparted without style or imagination or, worst of all, much thought to the interests of readers. Thus, we hear about the difficulties of hanging a bell properly but--despite the many photographs--we neither see a bell being lifted into position or attached, nor do we see the actual mode of attachment. By contrast--diametric contrast--Jane Yolen's Ring Out! (1974) is a charmer, a graceful, literate narrative that holds the reader's attention with curious lore, choice bits of information, and precise explanations. For illustration, however, it has only a few line drawings and it does not attempt to be comprehensive. So: to spark an interest, Yolen; to satisfy boundless curiosity, Bailey.