THE REALITIES OF FAITH: The Revolution in Cultural Forms by Bernard E. Meland

THE REALITIES OF FAITH: The Revolution in Cultural Forms

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This is a scholarly book, but a rewardingly clear and incisive presentation of the problems faced by the Christian faith as it is confronted and challenged by radically changing cultural patterns and the disruptive forces of world revolution. Dr. Bernard Meland, Professor of Theology at the Divinity School of the University of Chicago, approaches his problem by way of the East, India and Burma, where he spent some time while he delivered the Barrows Lectures, and had good opportunity to observe the rise of secular forces in the East, as well as the reassertion of Eastern religions with more national emphasis to challenge the claims of ""Compound"" Western Christianity. His is a plea to make the eternal verities of Christianity relevant to those turbulent times, and he describes the shift in the imagery of thought, accompanying the development of modern science, as providing words and thought by which this may be possible. Here is a most valuable critique of our changing social and cultural order, as well as the various theological, philosophical and psychological attempts which have been made to come to terms with it. No serious student of our day should miss this book; many will not be allowed to. This is not easy reading, but it's well worth the effort it demands.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1962
Publisher: Oxford