RUPERT OF THE RHINE by Bernard Fergusson


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Again in this series, this chronicle of Prince Rupert (nephew of Charles I) is chiefly historical in its emphasis but highspirited in its portrayal of an adventurous character and a career of action. Reared on the continent, Rupert went to England to participate in the Civil War and champion the Royalist cause until his defeat at Marston Moor, where he lost his army and his reputation unjustly; and again at Naseby, prefaced the fall of the House of Btuart. Exiled abroad for fifteen years, Rupert returned to England with the restoration of the Monarchy, and spent his later life in scientific experimentation, in colonial and commercial schemes (the Hudson's Bay Co.), and as Governor of Windsor Castle.... A life of exuberant enterprise and decisive if impulsive activity- although the market is not too easily indicated.

Publisher: Macmillan