YOUR CHILD IS BRIGHT! Make the Most of It by Bernard Green

YOUR CHILD IS BRIGHT! Make the Most of It

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More wonder-working tips for earnest, susceptible parents. With proper diet, outdoor exercise, and adequate rest, plus the use of ""intellectually stimulating and emotionally strengthening"" fantasy games and meditation techniques, every parent--contends psychologist Green--can produce children who are ""better off than they are now."" Diets should be confined to natural foods (""the greatest deterrent to exceptional child development is refined sugar""), with vitamin, mineral, and food supplements to ""ensure maximum mental efficiency."" Outdoor activities are essential for exposure to the sun (a ""natural tranquilizer""--without which ""your child may become hyperactive, depressed, slow to develop,"" etc.); and sleep should be induced, if necessary, by warm milk and dolomite (""actually a rock which is available in tablet form""). Still more disturbing are Green's suggestions that parents make use of professional therapy techniques--e.g., fractional relaxation (to ""get your child into the alpha state and make him or her feel good""), to be followed by visualization techniques and meditation. With the predictable success stories, flimsy and potentially harmful.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1982
Publisher: St. Martin's