MYTHS AND REALITIES; Studies In Biblical Theology by

MYTHS AND REALITIES; Studies In Biblical Theology

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Belatedly -- but fortunately -- great interest is being shown by Catholics in recent years in the general area of Biblical theology. Scientific discoveries have created differences of opinion in varying schools in the Church. The resulting conflicts of opinion have confused some and satisfied others who were not willing to accept age-worn formulas. Father J. L. McKenzie, S.J., the author of the well-received Two Edged Sword, steps into the Biblical arena to take on friend and foe. In unusually lucid style for a Biblical expert, at least in most of the book, he begins by addressing himself most effectively on the validity of free scholarship- even in the Church. He then proceeds to analyze for the serious-minded reader the implications and meaning of inspiration and revelation, myth and the Old Testament, as well as Messianism. His devotion to proving his case becomes a bit wearing at the end, but it will be clear to even the most obdurate opponent that Father McKenzie is a staunch advocate of unvarnished truth. Here is a pointed sortie into the camp of modern Biblical reality with Father McKenzie as an accomplished guide.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1963
Publisher: Bruce