THE ODYSSEY OF A FAITH by Bernard Heller


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An eminent rabbi, a liberal and one of the leaders of the Hillel Foundation, here presents a scholarly study of the Jew and Judaism, the saga of a faith, showing Judaism throughout the ages as a way of life and culture. A book definitely keyed to the intellectuals, -- to the enlightened Jew and the Christian who would understand the Jew better. This is an appreciation of his religious heritage which shows the ethical significance of Jewish survival. The author traces the history of the Jew from the beginnings to the present day, with the focus on Jewish cultural growth and the effects of other cultures with which he came in contact. The real contribution the book makes to the student of comparative religions is in its description, analysis and brief history of Reformed Judaism. He does not accept the tenets of the Alunists, and gives his reasons. Not a book for casual reading, but for thoughtful study.

Publisher: Harper