FLOWERING TREES OF THE CARIBBEAN by Bernard & Herriet- Illus. Pertchik


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Speaking as a ""tourist"" who gloried in the flowering trees of the Caribbean, tried to get answers to questions sporadically in botanical gardens in Trinidad, and Domenica, I look forward to seeing the finished book of which I've seen only samples of text and introduction by William C. White. The blossoming trees exciting to any traveller. Natives take them as part of the tropical background and offer their native popular names. Hero is a soundly based, scientific and yet descriptive text giving scientific names, popular names, family, the legends, the sources, the to which the trees are put- and the descriptions by which the uninitiate can identify them. There are 29 paintings, in full color, still to come. And these of course the book. Backed by Alcoa, this is published with no short cuts to beauty in reproduction. Specialist market- but don't miss recently returned visitors.

Pub Date: Dec. 15th, 1951
Publisher: Rinehart