A MAN CAN LIVE by Bernard Iddings Bell


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Although Dr. Bell is an Episcopalian of the High Church wing, his is a message and a mission that speaks to all Christians with the forthright incisiveness which marks him as one of the true prophets of our day. In this volume there are brought together lectures given in recent years in teaching missions held all over the country. It deals in turn with the questions ""What is man like? -- His hunger and his destiny; What is God like? What is the redemptive adventure? What is the highest morality? All that he has to say proceeds from four basic convictions: (1) Contemporary civilization is an indescribably desperate state; (2) The current decay is due to the common belief that all men have to live for is the satisfaction of carnal greeds and of an appetite for power; (3) Our only hope is in the rediscovery of a design for the world and for the individual, and (4) That hope for the world and the individual lies in discovering how to live with oneself and with one's neighbors, how to satisfy the ultimate ""meaning of things."" Clergymen and other thoughtful Christians should be interested in this book.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1947
Publisher: Harper