CRISIS IN EDUCATION by Bernard Iddings Bell
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Canon Bell has made his mark in this country as a churchman, educator and publicist. When he speaks, his audience sits up and listens; when he writes no reader will fall asleep over the pages of his book, for he has a vivid, forthright style that commands attention. The present volume is a scathing and thorough-going indictment of our American educational system. He maintains that our system has produced a ""nation composed chiefly of people who have not grown up and who think and act for the most part with the immaturity and emotional impulsiveness of adolescents."" Dr. Bell attacks our educational policies and practices on every level. Elementary, secondary and higher education all are subjected to his brilliantly scathing analysis and condemnation. Being a churchman as well as an educator he naturally devotes considerable attention to the place of religion in our educational system. In his last chapter the author outlines briefly the far-reaching and constructive changes which he believes must take place if American education is to function adequately. But the purpose of the book is to convince the readers of the woeful inadequacy of what we are now doing in our schools and colleges. This is a book which will stir up much debate and find many readers in sharp disagreement with the point of view of Dr. Bell. But those engaged in education and interested in it, teachers, parents, as well as clergymen should read this book. A book to be featured.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1949
Publisher: Whittlesey House