GOD IS NOT DEAD by Bernard Iddings  ll
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Dr. Bells's and articles are so well known within and without the church that a large reading public should be assured for this new volume from his . Those who have learned to expect from Dr. Bell a searching analysis of contemporary civilisation, a trumpet call to real faith in God, couched in epigrammatic language and a gripping style will not be disappointed in the sermons (or essays) which constitute this volume. Bernard Iddings Bell is a modern Jeremiah. Like the Jeremiah of popular conception, he is a prophet of gloom. He is avowedly"" skeptical about the worth or permanence of modern civilization."" He feels that the aims of government, industry, education and even the Church have been based on the assumption that men is ""a comfort-loving beast whose leading hopes are those born of greed, of crudely desire,"" --""s clever poreine vertebrate, sufficiently happy if the trough be fall, if the sty by clean"". He is under no illusions that any high ends have been served by our victory in the war. ""As the first World War was fought to make the world safe for democracy without God, so the second World War was fought to make the world safe for imperialism without God,"" he says. Few readers will agree with all of Dr. Bell's senten, but, like Jeremiah of old, he should stir the conscience of a still compl America. As in the case of Jeremiah, too, a more careful study of his writings reveals him to be much less a prophet of gloom and judgment than a for a vital faith in eternal values. Although Dr. Bell is a high church Ang His message is for all, -- for all kinds of Protestants, for Catholics, especially for the vast multitude of laymen to whom religion does not matter much, for he to be an to the people who don't go to church at all.

Publisher: Harper