DISCOVERING THE UNIVERSE by Bernard & Joyce Lovell


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This modest but handsome book sprang from the need to explain to visitors the whys and hows of the great radio telescope at Jodrell Bank, England. The director of this astronomical station and his wife tell of the birth of radio astronomy and ultimately of the construction of the world-famous instrument, and what it, has thus far achieved in exploring our solar system and worlds beyond. In the course of an authoritative volume the authors broaden their story to tell of the use of earth satellites, probes to the moon and the planets and give brief details of man's own entrance into space via Russian and American efforts. There are more than 120 half-tones, diagrams, and drawings whose captions offer detailed descriptions that themselves are fine explanations in depth of the phenomena or hardware that is being illustrated. The text is clear and concise and for the most part should be readily comprehensible to the interested layman and highschool students.

Publisher: Harper & Row