CREATION VERSUS CHAOS by Bernard W. Anderson


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Dr. Anderson, Professor of Biblical Theology at Drew University, in this collection of lectures explores the creation-faith of the Bible under the aspect of one of its major motifs: the chaos which constantly threatens to overwhelm creation. He shows how the biblical authors appropriated and often reinterpreted the common Near-Eastern theme of conflict between Creator and Chaos, so that, in that re-interpretation, the motif is used poetically to articulate a conflict-to-the-death in which human existence is at stake. Given the recondite nature of the subject--mythical symbolism in the Bible--the book makes surprisingly interesting and intelligible reading for the layman as well as for the theologian. Its particular audience, however, will not likely extend beyond seminary walls.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1967
ISBN: 159752042X
Publisher: Association Press