LIMBO by Bernard Wolfe
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A very superior science novel which uses all the trappings of this medium- the rare metal that men will destroy whole civilizations to secure, the robots here called ""amps"" because their legs and arms have been amputated for a substitution of precision instruments. But in the prophetic overtones and implications which show the self-destructive tendencies in modern civilization, this book approaches the substance and stature of the early H.G. Wells. The story itself involves a Dr. Martine, an American, who arrives on a remote island in 1972 after fleeing America and its constant wars. Here he finds a people who distrust aggression and practise a primitive sort of brain surgery- which he improves- to remove this element from the personality. After eighteen years there, a group of American athletes visit the island, and Dr. Martine decides to see once again the world he has escaped. He dodges global warfare and is appalled at the utter amorality of scientific progress, and in the end returns home to the island and his native family ... There's a deeper intent here to give this its distinction and possible attraction over and above the science fiction field.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1952
ISBN: 1594161291
Publisher: Random House