THE BEER COOKBOOK by Berneita & Edith McCaig Tolson


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Sooner or later every menu-boggled cook hears, over the back fence or in the office, that beer, when applied in dollops or with an eyedropper, has a way with beef stew, but have you tried beer waffles, beer corn bread, beer in soup, etc., etc.? Probably not, but the mad variety of dishes here--from soup to desserts to alcoholic beverages--hints that perhaps the TV football companion should be snatched out of hands and dumped into just about anything. (In fact the authors urge the reader to strike out on her own eventually.) One really ingenious chicken recipe (""Chicken For One"") features beer and cream in a marvellously handy foil packet. Apparently, as in its pristine state, beer has a way of bringing to light some hidden spiciness. Better stock ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall.

Pub Date: May 6th, 1968
Publisher: Hawthorn