GREAT WESTERNER by Bernice Blackwelder


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Although there are many books on Kit Carson in the juvenile field there has been nothing since 1935 for adults so this new presentation of his life will fill something of a need. His roving, adventurous, exciting life is fully detailed from his abandoned apprenticeship to a saddler in Missouri, to his fine work as Indian agent, his commission as Brigadier General (a recognition long delayed), and his humane approach in the grim assignment of putting down Indian raids and attacks. His stature measures up to that of other Mountain Men, Bridger, Broken Hand and others; his abilities on the trail, trapping, scouting, hunting, become clear; his association with Fremont in his three expeditions through the Rockies and into California acquires loyalty and depth; his two marriages and his children are a record of concern and warmth while that of his government service is blameless. All of this is background-brushes with Indians, escapes from all hazards, and a ruggedness of personality.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1961
Publisher: Caxton