NONE SO BLIND by Bernice Clifton


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Report repeated from the August 15th bulletin, when scheduled for fall publication, as follows: ""Bernice Clifton, after a year of anxious hope and surgery, became totally blind as a young woman and this is her account of her accommodation to sightlessness, her achievements in spite of it, and- in many ways- the more than compensatory values a disability such as this can develop. Helped and encouraged by her mother, who did not pamper her, she learned Braille, secured a Seeing Eye dog- the devoted Karla, extended her money-making activities from cooking and typing at first to writing a column, lecturing and making public appearances in later years. An even greater loss was still to follow- that of Al, the doctor whom she was about to marry after a long association. The death of her mother, and of Karla, conclude the personal chapters of a life which will serve as a demonstrable inspiration to others. It also offers more practical guidance than Borghild Dahl's recent and slighter Finding (Dutton).

Publisher: Rand McNally