SEEDS OF TIME by Bernice- Comp. Grohskopf


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Here is a patchwork of the boldest and gayest pieces from Shakespeare's plays. It provides an easy (though nonetheless thoughtful) introduction to that rather frightening name that always seems to be coupled with the Bible whenever ferociously ""good literature"" is up for discussion. The Song of the Witches is included as well as many fairy/goblin snatches from Midsummer-Night's Dream. The Tempest and Twelfth Night have been drawn upon heavily among others. The most somber pieces have been ignored. The more serious included here (e.g. - on courage from Julius Caesar and on England from Richard II, etc.) retain their power to move even out of context. This is an exceptionally fine book for teachers concerned with the provision of examples of rich writing and it should be brought to their attention. The illustrations are black and white. They serve to fill up space between selections but cannot compete with the word pictures they are called upon to illustrate.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Atheneum