SHADOW IN THE SUN by Bernice Groshkopf


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If the failure Of highly intelligent, cuttingly sarcastic Wilma to behave like the stereotype of the patient, all enduring cripple surprises you, and if her cruel suggestion that Fran's schoolteacher Aunt Leu is a lesbian strikes you as a shocking climax to Fran's visit, then this might rate as more than the usual banal Cape Cod summer. Fran handles a difficult part-time job as Wilma's companion with admirable maturity, but compared to Wilma and her sympathetically maladjusted Dad and stepmother, Fran and her summer love Jack are supremely dull -- and just an excuse for one moderately interesting character sketch (Wilma) and a misplaced lesson on handicaps that insensitively equates crippling paralysis, lesbianism and Fran's frustration at having to make do with an upper middle class family, a two bedroom apartment and a part-time cleaning lady.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1975
Page count: 224pp
Publisher: Atheneum