THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS by Bernice Thomas


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Both the premise that cats are ""bored, lazy, spoiled brats,"" and the assertion that trained cats are more productive and thus happier than undisciplined cats, are clearly subjective opinions, not ""truths."" And not especially convincing opinions, considering that Thomas trained only 15 cats. The technique, a combination of spanking and praise, probably could coerce a cat into such notoriously unfeline acts as walking on a leash, coming on command, taking swims in the bathtub, and learning inane tricks. But the 60-odd photos of cats jumping over hurdles, through hoops, on and off stands -- or walking over narrow boards -- are no more appealing than the skimpy, presumptuous text. Included is sketchy information on housebreaking, grooming, and health. Otherwise, and ad tedium: how to transform dignified cats into circus buffoons.

Pub Date: Oct. 31st, 1979
Publisher: Dutton