WUFU: The Story of a Little Brown Bat by Berniece Freschet

WUFU: The Story of a Little Brown Bat

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Less notable for hard information than for some affecting glimpses of Wufu and the animal community that shares the old abandoned barn--newborn Wufu clinging to his mother's fur, cleaning himself like a cat, narrowly escaping attacks by an owl, a blacksnake and even a leaping trout. As always Freschet's quiet, controlled prose is focused less on the drama of Wufu's life than on painting in background--the doings of a skunk family that lives under the corncrib and some mice nesting in an old horse collar, the morning sun washing over the barn, the nearby sound of crickets . . . Here Albert Michini's thickly cross-hatched etchings strike a balance between familiarity and mystery--just the right one for this understated, middle-distance portrait.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Putnam