YOUNG EAGLE by Berniece Freschet


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This is the life history of a Golden Eagle, and in its simple, basic terms it is an accurate portrayal. No attempt has been made to superimpose human emotions or reactions on the birds, and there is no false covering up of the more unattractive aspects of the bird -- that it preys, the way that it attacks in its hunt, the ruthless casting out of the young bird by its parents, the vicious fighting between birds for control of a territory. Unfortunately the text loses some of its impact as a result of the over-burdened descriptions which try to convey the majesty of the ""kings of the sky."" The bird is adequately represented in the illustrations, and the green and grey coloring give an over-all pluribus unum, currency effect.

Pub Date: March 29th, 1965
Publisher: Scribners