NEW WAYS TO BETTER MEETINGS by Bert & Frances Strauss


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Social science is tackling that bugaboo of modern life, meetings, large and small, committee meetings, organization meetings, working conferences, large meetings, etc. Roberts' Rules of Order no longer holds the big stick. The purpose is to pull the forces within groups together, to make meetings productive, to utilize latent abilities and eliminate nuisance factors and trouble makers by giving groups more fluidity. The skeleton is here supplied- the procedure, the development of leadership teams, the workshop plans, the skits, the listening teams and buzz sessions, all the new techniques which have appeared in scattered form here and there, now brought into focus. The material is challenging to those already aware of the problem and willing to work towards meeting it. But the authors fail in dramatizing and humanizing their presentation, in giving in form that holds that interest of those who are lukewarm to the idea-or the possibility- of making meetings productive on all levels. Certainly a book to call to attention of local organizations.

Publisher: Viking