ERIC DUFFY, AMERICAN by Bertha C. Anderson


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A steady little story, set mostly in pre-Revolution New York, follows the adventures of an Irish lad who comes as a bond boy to a Dutch family, the Van Kloofs, whose lands lie up the Hudson. There Eric learns to read and write from Christopher and Sally Brock, a quiet, religious couple who are also indentured servants with the Van Kloofs. Eric has a temporary rivalry too with young Cornelius Van Kloof until the Dutch boy gains a sense of personal democracy. And the coming of democracy in the larger sense is evident when Eric is freed and when a small tenant farmer's rebellion- anti-British but at the same time hot-headed and impractical, is solved with equanimity by such fair owners as Van Kloof, without interference from the red-coats.

Pub Date: July 26th, 1955
Publisher: Little, Brown