FOXHUNT by Bertie Denham


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Denham's third work featuring Conservative whip Derek, Second Viscount Thyrde--this time going through a bad patch with his seven-year fiancÉe Julia, who for the moment is wildly attracted to the rich, clever, perfect Rupert Massingham, a Master of the Hunt and rising politician (rumor has him in line for the P.M.'s job). Rupert is also blackmailing Julia's stepmother (an old, dishonorable secret concerning her first husband), and intentionally tripping up Derek on the Point-to-Point meet, nearly killing him. Is Rupert masterminding a political coup d'État? Will Julia's dad, Sir John, eager to return to politics (cf. The Man Who Lost His Shadow) be a victim if his wife's old indiscretion becomes known? Abetted by an across-the-crowded-room meeting with undercover cop Camberly, a lovely redhead, Derek foils Rupert's ambitions--but not before three staunch stable-mates are bashed by rowdies, several politicians are forced into early retirement, and Julia has her lusty fling with Rupert--which culminates in blowing up a hidden tunnel under the Thames and sending Rupert on his eternal way. Sassy look at backbench politics, upper-class foibles, and fox-hunting (which the author defends as humane). Unconvincing blackmailing scheme, but a nice natter for those who like their mysteries posh and circumspect.

Pub Date: Dec. 19th, 1988
Publisher: St. Martin's