LOST WALTS by Bertit ag


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Down to her last , with the story of the end of the line, Fran of the Archduke Pe and the Inft of Spain -- ra Josef who as a boy was to live through the breakup of the empire, as a man to make the to status in the modern world. Defeat in 1, the abdi of the ror and the Austri Revolution forced the -- and eight of their children -- to to Spain, where, in ly reduced , they settled, Josef, happ at , finally get a job as a the money for a pilot's rse, and ended up in a ial irli The Spanish Civil War disrupted their life again as the the defilement of the she had maring in Paris, left for Ame where he settled per for her glared intimate approach to an otherwise insubstantial story which may be carried on her .

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill