GOLDEN FLEECE by Bertita Harding
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A dark horse success in 1934 was The Phantom Crown, the tragic story of Carlotta and Maximillian. Then came a novel, Royal Purple, a more than adequate piece of historical fiction. And now comes Golden Fleece, the story of Franz Joseph and Elizabeth, of which The Phantom Crown is virtually a segment. Here is one of the great dramas and romances and tragedies of history. It is a story that has been more than a twice told tale. In the past eighteen months, two biographies of the ill-fated Elizabeth have been published. And yet, with both of them fresh in mind, I read this with keenest of interest, and fresh wonder that the story could continue to reveal new aspects, further drama, deeper pathos. Fictionized, in that situations are created as frames for established facts, conversations naturally introduced, states of mind accepted - and the whole presented with a note of unquestioned authenticity, and a reality that the more conventional biographies lack. Tremendously vital and human and a warmer picture of Franz Joseph than I'vo previously encountered, showing how his very tenderness and devotion and spoiling of Elizabeth resulted in her failure to measure up. Illustrated with superb photographs, many of them not previously used. The publishers are putting a great deal of enthusiasm into their publicity and advertising campaign and it should be sure fire for sales and rentals.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1937
ISBN: 1164509489
Publisher: Bobbs, Merrill