THE GREENER GRASS by Berton Roueche


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From the New Yorker, a collection of pieces which pursue some odd bypaths of animal and vegetable culture. You will read about a mink farm on the Hudson, and the ferocity of these fine-furred little beasts; a maple sugarbush in upstate New York; a duck farm on Long Island; a cattle breeder in Connecticut and the retired Wall Street broker who has Sardinian donkeys; an herb farm; a potato farm; and a winery; and if not the greener- certainly the serener life in Mt. Lebanon, Massachusetts, one of the last Shaker outposts, and at a middle western monastic order. Some very special and select pursuits, and if along lines which may not be of general interest, interest is generated by the handling which communicates much of the fascination and the flavor of these enterprises.

Publisher: Harper