BLACK WEATHER by Berton Roueche


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A first novel, and a slow, sinister study in evil among helpless little people as Mrs. Pew's rundown rooming house in a midwestern city brings near disaster to Lolly and Hagen. Lolly, pregnant and fearful, finds her first security in the shabby comfort of Mrs. Pew's old house; Hagen, with a small job on the morgue of a newspaper, has given her the only real companionship she has known until she thinks she has found a friend in the massive Mrs. Pew. But Mrs. Pew is sex driven, resentful of women who have men, obsessed and obscene, and it is Hagen who first recognizes her fetid frustrations, her obvious attempts to frighten his wife, by suggestion and insinuation. Then she attacks them openly -- but fails to destroy Lolly and her baby...Absorbingly told, but unpleasant reading, this portrait in pathological perversion and violence, offset effectively by the commonplace, the inadequate in the people against which it is directed.

Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock