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A book by two dutiful admirers to present America's soldier-hero in a favorable light. There is fairly wide coverage of MacArthur's family history and life events by the two authors- all the way from General Arthur MacArthur's youth and similarly turbulent Philippine command under Taft up to the time of Douglas MacArthur's reception of a ""brutal and callous"" dismissal from Truman. Characterized by flip language, a sense of destiny, a vague sensationalism that often manifests itself in the tossing off of historical events by grandiose, misinterpretable words- this biography makes frequent sallies into the unnecessarily dramatic. It is primarily dime store stuff. A double barrel of index fingers direct the material through reason's loopholes. Some of the contentions are: like father-like son both MacArthur had trouble with presidents who didn't understand military difficulties; the failing offensive opened by MacArthur in Korea was a necessary reconnaisance in force to discover the enemy's power; once the Red China intervention was firmly established and Washington frozen with fear, MacArthur was helplessly tied to his bootstraps undeserving of the rough treatment from his unqualified judges. In spite of the eulogisms and the repetitions, there are some lively biasses showing for the interested observer. Many photographs.

Pub Date: Jan. 28th, 1951
Publisher: Holt