WISDOM OF THE WEST by Bertrand Russell


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This is a ""conspectus of Western Philosophy from Thales to Wittgenstein"" compiled by one of the most well-known living philosophers. Larger and more comprehensive than Mr. Russell's History of Western Philosophy, his current book also differs from the earlier one in his placement of each philosopher and philosophic movement in a rather schematic and condensed, but accurate and illuminating historical context. In addition, Mr. Russell has included a collection of pictures -- many in full color -- of men, places, and documents plus diagrams of philosophic ideas which have been imaginatively translated into ""geometrical metaphor"", all of which adds up to an extremely attractive format. As always, Mr. Russell's style is highly lucid and unified; however, one is constantly aware of the presence of the the author as the interpreter of the men and ideas that are presented, and this can be disturbing to the serious student of philosophy. A highly useful, if somewhat luxurious, addition to the reference shelf in the home or public library.

Pub Date: Nov. 11th, 1959
Publisher: Doubleday