A LOVE FOR ALL TIME by Bertrice Small


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From the prolific and astonishingly vulgar Small (Skye O'Malley, All The Sweet Tomorrows, This Heart of Mine, etc.), yet another lubricious thrust-and. beaver in which Elizabethan England is shaken by plot, counterplot, and Richter-scale orgasms. Handsome, wildly priapic Conn O'Malley (younger brother of Skye, Small's ur-heroine) is sent to the Court of Queen Elizabeth I to have some of his rough edges honed down, but instead engages compulsively in what is fondly referred to as ""sweet combat"": ""Ahhh, God's cock, Conn! Stuff me till I burst! Use me!"" When he makes it with the wife and pubescent daughters of an enraged Earl, good Queen Bess finally steps in and marries him off to Aidan St. Michael, a wealthy orphan/heiress with traffic-stopping breasts and an endearing innocence that doesn't survive her wedding night. After putting the two of them through pages of sexual acrobatics, Small almost absent-mindedly comes up with the requisite plot complication: Cavan Fitzgerald, an evil and jealous cousin of Aidan's, gets Conn thrown into the Tower on a trumped-up treason charge and delivers the drugged Aidan to an Algerian slave ship. She's spirited away to Istanbul, where she becomes the property of the Sultan Murad III, who magnanimously makes a gift of her to the Tartar ambassador, Prince Javid Khan: ""Impale yourself, my jewel, upon my shaft,"" he whispers, and Aidan whimperingly acquiesces. When Khan is murdered by his renegade brother, Aidan is reclaimed by the Sultan Murad himself, who turns her into his sexual slave in what is a virtuoso soft-core performance: ""Color flamed into her face as she realized she was now spread open to his gaze, and helpless to whatever he wished to do."" She may be taking all of this lying down, but not Conn, who comes sailing into Istanbul at the last moment and saves the day. They head back together for England, and--after revenging themselves on the craven Cavan--live happily ever after. Pure, undistilled, undiluted romantic-historical twaddle, but Small's fans should lap it up.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1986
Publisher: New American Library