BLAZE WYNDHAM by Bertrice Small


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Lust's Leading Lady"" returns with another erotic mixture--plenty of soft-core sex thinly veiled with romanticized historical detail--along the lines of Skye O'Malley and A Love for All Time. Blaze, the eldest of eight gorgeous daughters of the impoverished Lord Morgan, is betrothed to Edmund Wyndham, the Earl of Langford, who simply wants a fertile young wife to bear his heir. He's pleasantly surprised, then, to discover that Blaze is also beautiful, kind, intelligent--and spunky enough to refuse to bed Edmund, a virtual stranger, until a thunderstorm drives her into his arms (whereupon her hidden passionate nature emerges). Meanwhile her sisters, Bliss and Blythe, dowered and beautifully gowned by Edmund, soon marry his best friends; and the youngest sister, Delight, falls for the Earl's nephew, Anthony, whose fantasies, however, have centered around Blaze ever since that afternoon he chanced upon the randy newlyweds coupling in the stables and imagined ""what it would be like to plunge himself deep into Blaze's eager sweetness."" As it turns out, Edmund is only the first of three important men in Blaze's life. When he's killed while out riding with Anthony, Blaze joins sister Bliss at the court of Henry VIII. Henry--known for his liking for the ladies--of course overpowers Blue, who is later removed from the court and married to Anthony, the new Earl of Langford. Their love will be complicated only by a sinister plot hatched by sister Delight--still longing for Anthony--and by a lascivious French girl. Many years later, Blaze holds Henry Tudor's hand while Boleyn is executed, then departs for home (where her five children wait, as does Anthony), the only woman to survive Henry's ardor. Crass stuff, but satisfying in its way--and sure to attract the usual Small audience.

Pub Date: May 14th, 1988
Publisher: New American Library