THE LIEUTENANT'S LADY by Bess Strester Aldrich


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A pleasant story of Nebraska in the 60's, popular pioneer-romance in the story of Linnie, whose uncomplaining courage won her the love of the man for whom she had been labelled a camp follower. Lt. Norman Stafford had been engaged to Linnie's fickle cousin, who llts him and sends Linnie with the news. Displeased at her presence at the fort, Norman marries her -- in name only -- to shelter her. Months later, still distant, impersonal, he asks her to stay, to share with him the cold, the hard conditions, the perpetual threat of Indians. But it takes a return to Omaha, and re-exposure to the lure of Cynthia to make them both realize that it is Linnie he loves. Good library fare.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1942
Publisher: Appleton-Century