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The story of Bob Reeve, one of Alaska's great pilots in a decade when the pilot was general factotum in a land broken up by mountain ranges and other blocks to communications, begins in 1932. In that year Reeve came to the small town of Valdez and though his log book was already bulging with recorded flying hours in South America, his pockets were empty. Valdez had no charterable planes either. The only craft around was a wrecked Eaglerock which Reeve, also a mechanic, went to work repairing. He chartered the Eaglerock then, hauling miners' supplies, and shortly earned a reputation for being able to land on and take off from the slipperiest glaciers. Making slow but steady progress, Reeve was eventually able to buy his own plane and to settle down with a wife and children. And, at the end of the bush pilot era in Alaska, he turned regular commercial with his own small airline. But the years between are filled with episodes and escapades during the times when Reeve's luck was good and the times when it was very bad. Both Day has written several juvenile biographies plus the adult study of a Negro teacher in the South- The Little Professor of Piney Woods and this maintains a narrative ability marked by a swift, talky pace and a panorama of activity unobscured by its central figure.

ISBN: 1578332249
Publisher: Bolt