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THE FLATSHARE by Beth O'Leary Kirkus Star


by Beth O'Leary

Pub Date: May 28th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-250-29563-7
Publisher: Flatiron Books

Two London roommates with an unconventional bed-sharing situation get to know—and then fall for—each other via Post-it notes before they ever meet.

When Tiffy Moore finally leaves her emotionally abusive, manipulative boyfriend, she needs a cheap place to live ASAP. Leon Twomey, meanwhile, needs money to help get his brother out of prison after a wrongful conviction, so he’s looking for a roommate. The catch? They’ll be sharing a bed—just not at the same time. Leon works the night shift as a palliative care nurse, meaning he’s only at the apartment during the day, while his roommate can have it during nights and weekends. Tiffy’s so desperate that she agrees to this unconventional arrangement even though she and Leon haven’t even met in person. They start communicating via Post-its left throughout the apartment, and by the time they finally meet in person (in a hilarious shower scene), they’ve already started to fall for each other. As they get to know each other better and even become friends, they have to decide if they’re willing to risk their perfect living arrangement to take a chance on love. Tiffy and Leon could easily become clichéd characters—Tiffy the quirkily dressed woman with a publishing job, Leon the taciturn night-shift worker who avoids friendships—but debut author O’Leary perfectly captures their unique voices. The story is a delight from start to finish, full of eccentric side characters (including Tiffy’s friends and co-workers) and sexual tension. Although the romantic comedy elements are always at the forefront, there are plenty of moving moments, especially concerning Leon’s job and Tiffy’s quest to overcome the abuse and trauma of her past relationship. With likable main characters, spot-on dialogue, a fun premise, and plenty of drama, there's a lot to like in this sweet story.

A warm, enchanting love story perfect for fans of classic rom-coms.