STEVIE WONDER by Beth P. Wilson


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Stevie Wonder's music and his blindness make him a natural subject for a young biography, and his early start (hooking up with Motown records at ten, cutting a million-and-a-half copy hit at twelve) adds to the advantage. The rest of Wilson's story follows Stevie as he grows away from Motown sound, experiments with a Moog, tours to great applause, recovers from an auto accident (what happened? who knows!), marries (""He wanted to share his life with someone. Soon he fell in love with a young woman. . .""), gives worthy benefits, accepts awards in music and in ""Human Kindness."" It's too bad Wilson doesn't project the quality of his style (musical or personal) in this bland summary that is short on flavor and incident. If this goes over, it's only for the Wonder name.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1979
Publisher: Putnam